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Sensible Products CAMO Mini Dual Work Light, DWLCAMO-1

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Sensible Products CAMO Mini Dual Work Light, Rechargeable Battery with USB Charge - Each
Dual work-light LED Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery through USB Charge. The perfect flashlight whether on the job, at home or anywhere calling for a flashlight. With innovative COB (Chips on Board) LED Technology, these lights are smaller and work together as one lighting module outperforming traditional lighting, providing up to 50 times the light output of standard flashlights.
More Information
Brand Sensible Products
Manufacturer Part Number MDWLCAMO-1
UOM Counts 1
Unit Weight 1
Magento UOMs 1
Source LED
Length 4" - 4.9"
Output 200 Lumens
Power USB Charge
Flashlights Features Impact-Resistant, Water-Resistant
Type Rechargeable