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Miller Electric Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™ Helmet
Miller Electric Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™ Helmet

Miller Electric Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™ Helmet

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Miller Electric 287510 PAPR with Helmet - Each
Industrial respiratory protection for welding applications that require hard hat use.

- Lift to Talk Head Assembly - Improves communication, allowing operator to have access to face without removal of head assembly
- Lightweight Low-Profile Blower Design (3 lbs) - Extends wearability without interfering with surroundings
- ClearLight™ 2.0 Lens Technology - Provides advanced high-definition optics for the most realistic view that's clearer and brighter-before, during and after every weld
- Audible and Vibrating Alarms - Notify users in noisy environments of low battery due to reduced airflow
- HDV Technology - For a sharp detailed view at any angle with minimal distortion
- Four Arc Sensors - Four independent arc sensors provide superior lens response for obstructed or low amp welding
- Three Air Speeds - Allow users to customize the volume of air to maximize comfort in varied work conditions
- Memory Function - For ease of switching between two preset customized memory settings
- Integrated HDV Grind Shield - Large integrated grind shield provides 44 sq. in. of clear viewing area for grinding and other tasks, increasing helmet-on time, decreasing the potential for eye injuries
- Filter Timer - Tracks how many hours of use the filter has
- MSA Fas-Trac® III Ratchet-Suspension Headgear - Provides exceptional comfort, reducing pressure points while increasing stability
- InfoTrack™ 2.0 - Monitors arc time and arc count for quoting and metrics
- Patent-Pending Dualtec™ Manifold System - Optimizes helmet balance and sound, while 6-point air distribution system maximizes perceived cooling through targeted air placement
- Shade 5.0 Side Windows - Enhances peripheral vision, amplifying sense of surroundings
- LCD Display - Allows users to see fan speed, filter timer, battery level and current time
- Flame-Retardant and Washable Standard Head Seal - Enhances wear without causing skin irritation. Unique design can provide additional protection by covering the ears, or ease communication if placed in front of the ears
- Four Operating Modes - Weld, Cut, Grind, and X-Mode provide ultimate versatility
- Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery - Provides long battery life (up to eight hours) with no memory retention from frequent charging (three-hour charge cycle). Rated for 500 charges. Two batteries are included with each system
- Integrated 3-point Backpack-Style Shoulder Straps - Enhance comfort, reduce fatigue over long shifts by distributing system weight to alleviate back pain
- Half-Shade Lens Adjustability - Provides fine shade adjustment for optimized comfort and vision
- Quick Release One-Piece Cover Lens with HDV - Simplifies lens changes, reducing downtime

T94iH-R™ Helmet Assembly, Gen. 2 Blower Assembly, HEPA Filter, 6 Prefilters, Spark Guard, Breathing Tube, Breathing Tube Cover, Padded Belt, Comfortable Shoulder Straps, 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries, Battery Charger, Flowmeter, Tool Bag
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Brand Miller Electric
Manufacturer Part Number 287510
UOM Counts 1
Unit Weight 13.6
Magento UOMs 1
Size Standard
Protection Type Particulate, Vapor