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Sensear Hazardous Location Two-Way Radio Headset, Headband Mount

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Sensear Hazardous Location Two-Way Radio Headset - Each
The SM1R-IS Series is built specifically to enhance two-way radio communication in high-noise environments. The headset is unique from the rest of Sensear's portfolio in that it contains no battery and instead is powered by the radio, making the unit lighter and more comfortable for the user. Similar to the rest of Sensear's portfolio, it pairs Sensear's patented SENS® technology and a noise-canceling boom mic to allow users in high-noise environments to communicate either via face-to-face or two-way radios while maintaining 360° audible awareness of their surroundings and protecting their hearing.

For explosive environments that require UL and CSA certification. The SM1R-IS series is the next generation, intrinsically safe headset. With customer focus and hazardous environments at the forefront of this robust headset design to enhance safety and communications for improved efficiency in high noise and hazardous workplace environments.

- Clear two-way radio communication in high-noise environments
- Limit 'in-ear' noise exposure to 82 dB(A)
- Connects to industry-leading two-way radios with multi-pin connectors via wired connection
- Headset is powered by the radio, so it does not have an internal battery and does not require charging, making the unit lighter & more comfortable
- Up to 27 dB. NRR (noise reduction rating) depending on headset style
- Talk 'face to face' in high noise (No need to remove your headset or move to a quiet area)
- Rugged lightweight design
- SENS® Technology
- Enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level
- 360° situational awareness - remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards
- VOX capable
- Intrinsically Safe IS: (UL, CSA & TIA)
- USB for programming allows simple configuration of the headset and software updates
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Brand Sensear
Manufacturer Part Number SM1RISB1
UOM Counts 1
Unit Weight 1
Magento UOMs 1
Headset Type Headband
Intrinsically Safe Intrinsically Safe
NRR 27
Color Black